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The BILL LLOYD Cricket Academy at Bournville Cricket Club

15 May 2016


Bournville Cricket Club is pleased to announce a new venture with The Bill Lloyd Memorial Trust known as 'The BILL LLOYD Cricket Academy at Bournville Cricket Club'. 

The Club and the Trust have arranged an agreement over an initial period of 3 years to fall in line with The Trust’s Aims & Objectives: to provide and promote the love of Cricket and increase participation. To achieve this, The Club and The Trust have recruited Try Scoring Runs (TSR) Cricket Coaching who have put in place a 5-year plan to achieve the Aims and Objectives of The Club and The Trust. The 5 year plan has already begun with TSR visiting local schools to promote The BILL LLOYD Cricket Academy at Bournville Cricket Club.

As part of TSR's recent success, Bournville Cricket Club are hosting the Year 4 Schools Festival sponsored by Rice Chamberlains in partnership with The BILL LLOYD Cricket Academy at Bournville Cricket Club and TSR. The event is to take place on Wednesday 25th May 2016 from 9:30 am to 2 pm at Cadbury Recreation Ground - spectators are more than welcome!

Following on from the festival, The Academy will offer a 10 week summer cricket programme to include an inter club competition at Cadbury Recreation Ground for 8-11 year olds.

Bournville Cricket Club, The Bill Lloyd Memorial Trust, TSR and Rice Chamberlains are committed to the 5-year plan and welcome all club members, local businesses and people within the Bournville Community to be part of the continued success of the Academy and increasing participation of youth cricket within Bournville.

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