Bournville Cricket Club

Bournville Cricket Club History

Throughout the long history of Bournville Cricket Club many hundred, probably thousands of players have walked down the pavillions steps and taken to the field on the Recreation Ground in front of the Cadbury's factory.

A walk which leads onto the most beautiful of grounds, with its large grassy bank all along one side and the tall evergreens in the corner casting their long shadows across the outfield. The cars and buses running by on two sides up Linden Road and along Bournville Lane - which provides a perfect viewing area for passers by.

The bells of the Carillon, which can be seen above the tree line, ringing out on summer afternoons. Next to the bowling green in the bottom corner of the ground is the scorehut, dedicated to members who served in the second world war. It was, thanks to the efforts of Bournville Village Trust, refurbished in the club's 125th anniversary season in 2007.

Beyond the sightscreen at the bottom end stand a row of tall trees - always a good shot if you can reach these! Behind the football pitch stand the world-famous factory buildings from where faint wafts of chocolate occasionally drift across the ground.

Depending upon which side of the wicket you are fielding in the early evenings, players are to be found either shielding their eyes from the setting sun or trying to pick the ball out from the red brickwork of the factory. No one ever said it was perfect, but there isn't a player from Bournville or a visitor from another club who would ever want to change it.