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Start of Season update

13 Apr 2017

Hi all,

With the season starting very soon it is time for the general housekeeping email..


Fees remain the same as previous years at £65 for adults and concessions pay a reduced rate of £45. It is extremely important to pay these promptly as the season starts as we have expenses to pay to Cadburys, Various Leagues and Cricket Balls. Types of payment accepted are cheque (made payable to Bournville Cricket Club) or bank transfer to the following account:

Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account number: 00960371

Sort Code: 30-00-03

It is important should you do this, please make sure your name is stated and the reason for payment for the treasurer to keep a trail of who has paid. Cash as a last resort can be paid to Milan (treasurer), captains or myself. Cheque or online would be preferred to keep a paper trail as discussed.


Please can you now update your availability on the clubs website to make it easier for the selection committee to select various sides. As you are aware, the club has one less team operating on a Saturday due to player numbers last year. This may lead to a situation where we have more players available than needed, however we will try and be as fair as possible when selecting and get as many people games of cricket where there are other slots. Should you have any questions if this does arise, then you can speak to myself where it can be discussed privately with reasons given and solutions hopefully reached.


As we have had some new members join and some people ask about kit, it is worth noting we won't be doing a 'bulk' order as in previous seasons, however should you be interested can you let our secretary, Dan Caldicott, know and we can explore some avenues as a committee as to how we can go about placing an order should enough interest be there.



This year we want to make an effort to become better on match days and set better standards.

This isn't just around playing and winning, but also before and after the game in the responsibilities we have to ensure we have suitable facilities to play cricket. Simple things like adhering to meet times make a huge difference to the mindset we can take into a game. For home matches, to ensure the ground is set up with ropes and flags, and not left to the same few people can actually have a good effect on the team as everyone is working together and for each other.

For away games, it allows us to negate any problems like traffic, but arrive early and in time so we can do even a basic warm up to prepare for the upcoming game, which again may not seem like much but helps with putting your mind In the right place to perform.

I fully appreciate we are all playing to enjoy the game, but I personally enjoy the game when as a team we all contribute towards the club and have a better chance of winning. Also, if you can get across to the Cadbury Club after the game (which is not always possible) this is really good for us to discuss the days events and celebrate or commiserate with each other and goes along way to the Cadbury Club helping us around the ground as they have more and more of a say these days. These are minor things that can make a big difference to the enjoyment of a game of cricket and improved performance.



Winter nets have now finished as numbers have dwindled in recent sessions and as Edgbaston is now hosting county cricket games this curtails them. However, Steve Smith has kindly put the outdoor nets up early so from next Tuesday we can use these. The new time on Tuesday will be between 6-8pm at the ground. These are concrete for new members and no spikes are permitted.

Should anyone have any questions around the above, please don't hesitate to contact me or the committee.

Happy Summer and Cricket Season!

DJ Budden

Director of Cricket